Technology innovation

Our history has enabled us to always work with innovative technology and ultra-modern developments.

We design with the most modern printed circuits and packaging technologies

  Rigid PCB designs, crosstalk and impedance control.
  High density interconnection (HDI) with sequenced construction multi-layer technology (SBU).
  Blind vias, buried vias, and microvias.
  Stacked vias with copper filling.
  Design with Materials of High Performance, like Megtron 6, Rogers or Arlon.
  Hybrid stackups w/,FR4, Teflon (PTFE), Polyimide Kapton « and BT Epoxy.
  Flex and Rigi-Flex boards.
  Thermal management with metallic substrate (IMS).
  Thermal management with metallic core (MCPCB).
  ELIC Technology (Every Layer Inter-Connection).
  Optical PCBs.
  BGA, microBGA (fine pitch), LGA, Package-On-Package (PoP) and other .
  Embedded components.
  Cavity Boards .
  Mezzanine connectors and other high-density Ultra Fine Pitch connectors.