Cidein is a pioneer company of printed circuits and associated services.

The commitment that we maintain with our clients has these few principles:

Level of service

The level of service is one of the most valued aspects of our clients. Due to this premises, the fulfillment of the delivery deadlines becomes a key fulfillment for cidein.


We are largest pcb design center in Spain. We have the necessary personnel to begin to work in a project in the precise moment that you entrust to our company.

On Site service

We have the capacity to go to our clients’ headquarters for better fulfilling their necessities.


Our working method consists in a series of verified processes that reduce the cost, improve the quality and ensure the delivery on time.


The key of a good result is communication, having always updated all the changes of the components, footprints, BOM, etc.


We use the necessary software that better adapts to the majority of our demands.


The technical capacity of our staff is in constant evolution thanks to the specialized training in the most new technologies:

  EMI/EMC, high speed signals , HDI, impedances, radiofrequency.
  Buried-blind vias, microvia, flexible circuits.
  ROHS, BGAs and high pin packaging, etc.


The boards that we design overtake the maximum requirements in manufacturing, assembly and final production, verifying with manufacturers and assemblers all the aspects of the industrialization of the product.


We treat the information of the client with extreme confidential rigor, signing particular documents if required.


We know the exigencies of the market where the deadlines of the design and release are shortening each year. That’s why the fulfillment of these deadlines are primordial in cidein.


Our work method has always been to work hand in hand with our clients’ engineers throughout the process. That allows us to meet the specific requirements in every faze of the design.


We are specialists in SMT techniques and nowadays’ electronic circuits, including EMC control, adapted and controlled impedance, etc.

Our professional team of PCB designers offer a vast experience in design that goes from single layer designs for the consumer market, to complex multi-layer flexi-rigid designs for defense and aerospace.