Why subcontract

Subcontracting the process of the printed circuits layout is one of the most efficient and common tasks for the outsourcing.

Nowadays, the central question is not whether or not to subcontract but how to choose the right partner. The goal is to increase the competitiveness without losing management capability of the processes. Cidein offers the most important requisites to be your first choice.

  Specific knowledge: we are specialists.
  In tune: We assign a principal designer or layouter to every client to know specifically the requirements of every company.
  Technology: We have the most powerful tools in the market.
  References: We have an extensive list of references in every sector of the market.
  Flexibility: You can partially subcontract any part of the process. We can make any work individually. Library of components, emplacement, CES, layout, mechanic integration, documentation…
  Custom: We can even make On Site work. We have knowledge and ability with the most used tools.
  All in one: We now offer Mechatronics design support (creation of the mechanical parts or containers for the support of the electronic modules) and the management of the prototypes in fabrication and assembly.