Complete printed circuit design path

We collaborate with the Electronic Design Engineering of our customers until the last step to manufacturing the circuit to achieve optimum results in the implementation of circuit manufacturability and assembly.

Prototypes management, checklist and practical timesaving suggestions to ensure rapid project delivery.

On Site

We have a service On Site, where our team works in the customer premises.

Especially dedicated to companies that need to outsource their jobs either work overloads or temporary needs reorganization, but do not want to outsource their designs by company policy.


We provide specialized design solutions covering all aspects of PCB design. These are the related areas of knowledge that Cidein can provide to your company.

  Schematics capture.
  Library configuration.
  Symbols creation.
  Database transfers. CAD Conversion.
  Parts and footprints creation.
  Interactive placement.
  PCB Stack-Up design and Impedance calculation.
  PCB layout.
  Flex and Rigi-flex PCB design.
  High density boards HDI.
  Setting up and editing Rules Driven Designs (Constraint Editor CES).
  Design to minimize EMC / EMI.
  MicroBGA / Microvia / Blind & Buried vias.
  High Speed, controlled impedance, single ended and differential signals.
  DDR Memory interfaces.
  High Speed Backplanes / Midplanes Design.
  Layout parameters extraction for Signal Integrity Analysis.
  Cavity boards.
  Embedded components.
  Optical PCBs.
  Power control systems, IGBTs, switched PS and LED lighting - SSL.
  DFM / DFA design for manufacturability- design for assembly.
  Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).Lead free-Design.
  Cloning and retrofit redesign (EOL).
  PCB Consulting.
  On-site and remote support.
  Mechanical 3D.