Printed circuits design

Complete printed circuit design path. Libraries, schematics, layout (placement and routing), manufacturing documents... (more)


We manage the manufacturing and assembly within a very short time. (more)


Design of the mechanics for the support of electronic modules. (more)

We are the N║1 in Spain, experts in HDI circuits

Designing printed circuit boards since 1988

Technological innovation

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to be always on top of the technology innovation, with ultra-modern developments. (more)

The factors that make us different

  Highly experienced working group.
  Complete chain of PCB design and capacity of production.
  Unique contact window.
  Broad technology spectrum... (more)

Why subcontract?

No company can “do it all” in a totally efficient way. That’s why subcontracting can make the not fundamental processes more efficient and economic, since they will be made by third parties. (more)

Collaborative Design

We combine our knowledge of PCB technology and our vast experience in all sectors of the market with the knowledge of the product of our client. That’s what we call the Collaborative Design. (more)

3D Design

Allow to make a virtual assembly in 3D with the rest of elements of the equipment and fine tune the board mechanics as connectors. (more)


Approved by over 100 companies in their quality system. Control guidelines to verify the adequacy and accuracy of the designs. (more)

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